Signs of Pet Dental Disease

It is sometimes difficult to know when your pet requires veterinary attention, especially when it comes to dental disease. The following are the most common dental problems in pets:

  • Periodontal disease—A painful infection between the tooth and gum resulting in tooth loss and the spread of infection 
  • Symptoms—Loose teeth, bad breath, reluctance to eat or chew, tooth pain, sneezing, and nasal discharge
  • Gingivitis—Inflammation of the gums caused by the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and bacteria
  • Symptoms—Bleeding, red or swollen gums, and bad breath
  • Mouth tumors—May appear as lumps or swelling, may be malignant, and must be surgically removed
  • Symptoms—Reluctance to eat or chew, although most often there are no symptoms other than a lump or mass
  • Halitosis — also known as bad breath, is often the first sign of a problem in your pet’s mouth. Swollen gums, tartar buildup, and food embedded in the teeth lead to bacteria or infection, the source of halitosis. Regular veterinary dental cleanings, combined with home maintenance by brushing your pet’s teeth, help to prevent this problem.

Preventative Care at Home

Diet is an important factor in dental health. Ask us about the appropriate foods for your pet to enhance dental health and slow the formation of plaque and tartar.

Special toys satisfy the natural desire to chew while promoting strong teeth and gums. Chewing massages gums and keeps teeth clean by scraping away soft tartar. In addition, chew toys can be instrumental in reducing stress and preventing boredom in your pet.

We also offer OraVet chews with a prescription.

"Plaque and calculus are very common problems in dogs.

Plaque forms when bacteria attach to teeth, and over time,

this plaque hardens to form calculus (tartar). The accumulation

of plaque and calculus can lead to bad breath and other problems. 

The dual-action approach of OraVet Chews doesn’t just clean

teeth and freshen breath. It creates a barrier to help protect

against plaque, calculus, and bad breath.


Delmopinol works to form a preventive barrier that blocks bacteria,

and the future formation of plaque and calculus (tartar) that builds

up over time.

OraVet Chews are the first and only dental hygiene product for dogs

that contain delmopinol."

Regular pet dental care prolongs life and enhances the overall health of your pet. Problems of the teeth, gums, and mouth spread quickly to significant organs, causing infections and disease. In addition, a pet in pain from an infected or broken tooth may exhibit behavioral problems and an impaired immune system.

Pet dental care at Belleview Veterinary Hospital is simple: regular oral exams, periodic teeth cleaning by your veterinarian, and a home maintenance program. Aside from our preventive dental care program, we offer basic veterinary dentistry such as tooth extractions. Ask about our preventive dental care packages for your pet.

Pet Dental Care


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