Belleview Veterinary Hospital offers an on-site diagnostic laboratory

and imaging technology that provides faster results and more

immediate response time. This allows us to begin treatment quicker,

engage in surgery with more accuracy, and measure progress while

your pet recovers. This professional diagnostic environment offers

pet owners greater peace of mind regarding their sick or injured companion.

Once an animal begins to demonstrate visible symptoms, the condition

or disease is often quite advanced. Early diagnosis and treatment of

many conditions maximize the patient’s ability to recover or to be

maintained comfortably with specific treatments. Veterinary skill and

access to the appropriate technology allows our professionals to offer

patient diagnoses quickly and accurately, beginning treatment in a

timely manner.

Our in-house laboratory includes chemistry analysis and an IDEXX LaserCyte hematology analyzer for the most comprehensive results in minutes. This helps our veterinarians evaluate white and red blood cell counts, as well as kidney and liver values for routine screenings. More involved panels, such as pancreatic sugar values, can be performed as needed according to the patient’s health requirements.

Laboratory tests we perform regularly include:
SNAP Giardia antigen test
Full-panel blood screening
Corneal Stain

Ultrasound is an imaging technique that is widely used by veterinarians and human doctors alike to examine most parts of the body, including eyes, tendons, muscles, joints, and internal organs for illness or injury. This diagnostic procedure is performed by using a hand-held probe, or transducer, placed on the patient and moved over the surface of the skin, and it is generally a painless process for your pet.
Ultrasound is often used to diagnose or monitor pregnant animals, as it is harmless to the fetus, and may also guide the veterinarian when performing surgical procedures such as biopsies.

For diagnosing illness or injury in your pet, nothing compares to the speed and relatively low cost of veterinary X-rays. Modern radiology techniques produce pictures that are clearer and expose your pet to very small doses of radiation.
In addition, Belleview Veterinary Hospital offers our clients the latest in X-ray technology: digital X-rays. This type of imaging offers a very detailed X-ray on a computer screen, excellent for a thorough dental evaluation.

Veterinary Ultrasound


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